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Adele Felicity

Energy Therapy

Works to create balance & recovery in your body

Your journey to better health & wellbeing starts here

I offer healing sessions within my safe & comfortable surroundings or via zoom call

£60 per session


Energy Therapy is a beautiful stand alone therapy

or a compliment to any other treatment you currently receive.

When our natural flow gets disturbed it causes dis-ease in the body


About Me

Hi! My name is Adele and I am an Energy Therapist. I love to hold space for clients to bring to the surface what needs to be revealed and what no longer serves you to be cleared from your body & mind. I compare this practice as "peeling an onion" each layer revealing what is ready and waiting to be cleared.  We often need to dig deeper than what is at surface level! This is the perfect complimentary therapy to work alongside existing modalities or as a stand alone treatment to aid your general wellbeing of mind, body & soul 

I work with the natural energy that flows within all of us.

I create a space for you to guide yourself back to empowerment.

Together we discuss the metaphysical root causes of any ailment or condition you are experiencing.

We focus on the emotions that are at the bottom of this.

I incorporate all 5 senses within the session: sound, touch, taste, visuals, aromas

What desires to be bought to the surface to be worked through in each session will come when ready,

this is not prescriptive and every persons journey is different.

What layer of the onion needing to be revealed is decided by yourself. 

Menopausal Symptoms | Menstruation Problems | Pregnancy Issues | Anxiety | Depression | Fatigue | Sleep Issues | Recovery from Injury
Skin Conditions | Back & Neck Pain | Recovery from Surgery |
All other forms of Illness | Holistic Wellbeing |
Feeling Balanced & General Relaxation

My Treatments


One on One Energy Session

A relaxing energy session conducted in soothing surroundings allowing you to fully relax and allow healing energy to flow

Long Distance Energy Session

Energy Sessions can be performed from any location

Metaphysical Discussion

We discuss current ailments and dis-ease to dig deep and work towards resolving issues


My whole experience of the energy therapy was a safe & relaxing feast for the senses. I was so relaxed I fell asleep. Plagued with back, neck & shoulder pain from the weight of the world on my shoulders. I experienced the following day like a great pressure had been released and surprisingly my back was more than ok. I would certainly go back for more as we need this kind of therapy work for health & inner peace 


The energy therapy is a lovely relaxing experience. I have had 2 sessions. I saw colours and lights, even though my eyes were closed the whole time. My shoulder had been bothering me due to my job, which was eased after the therapy and I had such a good nights sleep. Adele is Amazing.


Adele is a naturally gifted healer and carries out her work effortlessly. She created a relaxed and peaceful environment using the scent of wonderful oils. Throughout the session she maintained a constant connection with my energy body which I felt shift to a lighter vibration almost immediately. By focussing on several areas (we had not discussed previously) she was able to ease a sharp intermittent pain in my knee. By the next day the pain had reduced to a smaller area and in intensity- now hardly noticeable. I'm definitely going back to see what other miracles she can do!



I have had 2 sessions with Adele. The experience was enlightening, I didn't know what to expect, but I could feel Adele's confidence. The experience was relaxing & invigorating. I felt tingling sensations all over my body and walked away feeling relaxed and yet invigorated. I felt light in my mind & body. On my 2nd session I had a painful neck and back, during the session I felt my back ease and the pain subside. I felt extremely relaxed and again felt tingles in my back, legs and neck- almost like my back pain was easing. Adele as a person is a beautiful being who has a gift and is confident in her abilities. The whole experience was wonderful!


Adele has managed to break through my hard shell on our second session. I wasn't opened at all on our first session and had to stop very quickly. At our second session I decided to let go of everything. I started to see and feel the energy flowing and could even tell with my eyes closed where her hands were. I felt light and more present for the rest of the day, like I never was in a long, long time. Adele is amazing not only in the energy therapy session, she brings light and joy everytime I meet with her! Thank you Adele


I felt comfortable, safe and calm with the calming music, beautiful aroma & comfy blanket! What I experienced was intense and relaxing at the simultaneously!I felt both warmth and coolness at different parts, also I felt very heavy and weighted down. I saw colours, which varied depending on where Adele was on my body. In contrast to feeling so heavy, after the session I felt so light all over. My muscles felt relaxed, like I had had a full body massage, and my mind was calm. I walked with a spring in my step. I would absolutely recommend taking time out for this therapty with Adele 


Get in Touch

King Edward Road, Rugby, Warwickshire

07707 864555

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